USS Ark Royal | NCC-85781

Class: Akira-class

Type: Escort Carrier / Heavy Cruiser

Role: Lead Ship

Mission: Command and Operational control of 101st Operational Wing and the 78th Air Wing. Lead vessel of Defensive Element and all adjuncts. Primary responsibility for internal and external defense of operational area, support for humanitarian missions and scientific investigations.

CO: Capt Jyg’Lo Ahkileez


USS Malcolm Reed | NCC-62192

Class: Springfield-class

Type: Medium Cruiser

Role: Tactical Response Vessel

Mission:  Serve as platform for long term tactical and defensive operations, including fielding personnel and equipment, command and operational support for USS Outback, planetary and system defense, and emergency tactical response. Secondary role in Lead formation of Defensive Element.

CO: Captain Elizabeth Makeda


USS Megiddo | NCC-47319

Class: Centaur-class

Type: Destroyer

Role: Patrol / Interdiction

Mission:  Patrol and Interdiction missions throughout the area of operations, with a goal toward reducing and eliminating incidences of piracy, contraband smuggling and territorial encroachment. Secondary role as lead of Escort formation of Defensive Element.

CO: Captain William K. Thomson


USS Adamant | NCC-80226

Class: Defiant-class

Type: Escort Frigate

Role: Escort / Patrol

Mission:  General escort and patrol missions with primary responsibility for defense of the USS Churchill and peace missions. Additional element of the Escort formation of Defensive Element.

CO: Commander S’val


USS Shaka | NCC-75299

Class: Saber-class

Type: Fast Frigate

Role: Escort / Patrol / Scouting

Mission:  Primary responsibility for space lane patrol and escort of high value vessels. Adjunct role as scouting vessel for Defensive Element and special operations.

CO: Commander Pechak Kae




USS Wanderer | NCC-78230

Class: Intrepid-class

Type: Light Explorer

Role: Exploration / Science Lead

Mission:  Primary role of lead science vessel of the SDE with a goal toward exploration of the region and primary charting and study of extrasolar phenomena and unregistered systems. Equipped also to serve as fast response vessel and adjunct to Defensive Element as support cruiser.

CO: Captain Marius


USS Winston Churchill | NCC-71874

Class: Norway-class

Type: Medium Cruiser

Role: Diplomatic Vessel  

Mission:  Conducting and hosting diplomatic events to aid in inter-species relations and Federation diplomatic interests. Residence of chief Federation envoy to region. May also function as landed hospital complex if necessary.

CO: Captain Dag Trygve


USS Okanagan | NCC-73535

Class: Cheyenne-class

Type: Light Cruiser

Role: Science Vessel 

Mission:  Primary mission is mapping and preliminary survey of systems and spatial phenomena. Secondary mission is adjunct to Defensive Element as support cruiser.

CO: Captain I’kani Thaad


USS Dawn Treader | NCC-78989

Class: Nova-class

Type: Light Frigate

Role: Survey Vessel

Mission:  Neutral surveys to provide data for Federation advice on utilization of resources and colonial distribution.

CO: Commander Lewis Stapleton




USS Outback | NCC-2005-6

Class: Sydney-class

Type: Transport

Role: Personnel / Troop Transport

Mission:  Carrying over 1500 specialist personnel and equipment for long-term deployed operations – including medical personnel, researchers, civilian specialists and the 42nd Peacekeeper Battalion. Secondary role of internal transport services.

CO: Lt. Commander Ho Cheng-Ma


SS Shanghai | CT-31079

Class: Porter-class

Type: Cargo Vessel

Role: Supply/Repair Tender

Mission:  Civilian vessel contracted to Supply and Maintain all vessels of Ark Royal Operational Wing.

CO: Shipmaster Marcus Grey


FCS Thurisaz | NCS-81973

Class: Deneva-class

Type: Cargo Vessel

Role: Long-Haul Supply Ship

Mission:  Freelance contract for long haul from core Federation space to operational area for purposes of resupply and personnel transit.

CO: Captain Ashley Madison